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ARCHS' Pre-K/Early Childhood Programs

Funders: State of Missouri Department of Social Services and Children's Trust Fund of Missouri.

ARCHS is a leader in supporting child care programs in the region - assuring that infants and toddlers are in safe and learning-focused environments while their parents work or attend school.

ARCHS' Pre-K/Early Childhood Care and Education Programs focus on:

-Educare (Registered Home-Based) Child Care Programs

-Home Visitation (Parent Coaching) Programs

ARCHS' Educare Program

Funder: Missouri Department of Social Services

Goal: Provide support, resources, and educational opportunities to home based child care providers.

Program Partner: More than 90 home-based child care programs in St. Louis City/County.

Most Recent Impact/Results: In 2012-2013, 91 area home-based child care programs served with 100% completing quality improvement plans and setting goals for quality improvement. ARCHS' Educare impacted 771 children: 433 (56%) who receive DSS child care subsidy assistance, 52 (7%) who have special needs, and 184 (24%) who are cared for by a relative. Child care providers who participated in ARCHS' Educare received the following educational support - More than 50,000 minutes in training and technical assistance, 12 support group opportunities (focused on math, science, literacy, Emotional Beginnings, fine motor/pre-writing development, etc.), monthly drawings to provide educational materials such as science supplies, and 3 conference opportunities. Providers in Educare saw an overall increase in the health and safety of their homes with the help of a Health and Safety Checklist implemented by ARCHS.

Availability: Open to family child care programs that serve at least one child who receives Missouri Department of Social Services child care subsidy assistance, including:

  • Registered, unlicensed family child care providers
  • Licensed family child care providers
  • Licensed family child care providers operating in a group home or setting

To see if you qualify, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ARCHS' Home Safety Checklist


ARCHS' Early Childhood Accreditation Program

Funder: Missouri Department of Social Services

Goal: Increase the quality of child care and education programs by providing support to child care programs that are going through the accreditation or reaccreditation process.

Program Partner: Licensed child care providers in St. Louis City/County and St. Charles County.

Most Recent Impact/Results: Over the past four years, ARCHS has helped 21% (26) of all currently accredited programs in St. Louis City/County and St. Charles County to achieve accreditation.

Availability: Program currently suspended due to State of Missouri budget cuts. No request for proposals (RFPs) are planned through June 2013.

ARCHS' k-12 PartnershipsARCHS' K-12 Programs

Funders: State of Missouri Department of Social Services, St.  Louis Mental Health Board, Stupp Foundation, Woods Foundation, City of St. Louis, Essilor Vision Foundation, HealthCare USA, and Crown Vision Center.

The question of where you went to high school puzzles those not from St. Louis. ARCHS belives that if the question has to be asked, then the answer should be: "I went to a good school." That's why ARCHS' supports federal, state and local funders in their efforts to enhance local learning at the elementary school level.

ARCHS' Supported K-12 Programs:

-After School (ASAP)

-Behavioral Health

-Foster and Adoptive Care

-Vision Care

-Youth Development and Mentoring

ARCHS' Juvenile Justice Mentoring Program

Funder: Missouri Department of Social Services

Goal: Provide adult mentors to juvenile offenders associated with the Missouri Division of Youth Services.

Program Partner: Fathers' Support Center

Most Recent Impact/Results: Parents with children in the program indicated an overall positive perception of the mentoring activities. On a scale of 1-4, parental scores averaged 3.65. Through the program, 18 youth received GEDs, and 11 enrolled in secondary education.

Availability: Not open to the general public.

ARCHS' Adult Education PartnershipsARCHS' Family Education Programs

Funders: State of Missouri Department of Social Services, the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, and the City of St. Louis.

The transformation of urban settings from former industrial hubs to new global-linked centers requires new ways of learning for adults of all ages and backgrounds. ARCHS supports federal, state and local funders in their efforts to ensure parents continue their learning experiences whether its GED completion or advanced vocational training.

ARCHS' Family Education Programs focus on:

-Prisoner Reentry Programs
-Young Adult Lifeskills

ARCHS' PartnersARCHS' Funding and Service Delivery Partners

ARCHS' Funding Partners: Federal, state and private organizations.

ARCHS' Service Delivery Partners: A network of more than 400 organizations and individuals who are selected/hired by ARCHS to deliver services to the public.

ARCHS' Service Delivery Partners

ARCHS' clients are the funders who hold ARCHS directly accountable for the management and delivery of the grants they entrust to ARCHS. ARCHS does not deliver programs directly to the general public. ARCHS' selects/hires area service delivery organizations that have the skills and capacity necessary to fulfill the terms of the grant.

ARCHS has a network of more than 400 area organizations who deliver services to thousands of the region's most vulnerable citizens. ARCHS' service delivery partners benefit from the strategic technical assistance and professional development provided by ARCHS staff.

ARCHS staff are not paper pushers! ARCHS' team meets regularly with its service providers to find out how programs are doing and offer advice and input on what's working, what challenges there may be, and what promising best practices may be occuring.

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ARCHS' News & Events

ARCHS' Latest News

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ARCHS' Lifelong Learning:

Region Excess Medication Disposal Service (RxMEDS)

ARCHS' Funding Partner: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (2007)

Goal: Safe and "Green" Disposal of Medications

ARCHS' Service Delivery Partners: Schnuck Markets, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Cintas Corporation, AARP Missouri Chapter, Mid-East Area Agency on Aging, OASIS, Senior Services Plus, Saint Louis University

Key Results to Date: 296,650 medication doses safely disposed, ARCHS' Report to U.S. EPA

Availability: No collections currently scheduled.  Thank you for your interest.  Watch for updates.