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Child care programs receiving child care subsidy payments from the State of Missouri are being mailed letters from the Missouri Department of Social Services Children's Division outlining new mandatory trainings. ARCHS' STL Educare will be conducting the required trainings several times each month at Harris-Stowe State University for St. Louis City and St. Louis County area child care programs. Please follow these s

Step 1:
You will need a MOPD ID number (for each staff member) to register for the trainings. This is different from a DVN number. To obtain (or look up your MOPD ID number) Click here.
Step 2:
Pre-register for the required trainings via ARCHS' STL Educare. Click here.
Step 3:
Attend and complete the ARCHS' STL Educare trainings at Harris-Stowe State University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does this impact?

As of October 2016, all child care providers (and staff) must complete required trainings to continue receiving child care subsidy payments. Required trainings must be completed by June 30, 2017.

Why is training now required?
A new child care law went into effect to ensure a safer, more family-friendly child care program. This law requires training for all child care providers and their staff. This required training helps ensure the health and safety of your facility and the children in your care.

What training is required?

Click here. If you have current CPR/First Aid certifications, you do not need to retake until your certifications expire. Some training topics will be one-time; others must be done each year.

What happens if I do not finish my training?
If you (and your staff) do not finish training by June 30, 2017 your facility’s registration will be terminated and subsidy payments will end.

How do I get the trainings?

In St.Louis City and St. Louis County, ARCHS’ STL Educare provides the required trainings. All of ARCHS’ STL Educare trainings are FREE. All Missouri child care providers (and staff) receiving a subsidy payment are required to attend training, so sessions will fill quickly. Click here. Information about other training opportunitiies can be found here.

How will DSS know I finished my training?

The state will track your trainings through your personal six-digit ID number, called a MOPD ID. All staff must have an individual ID number.You will need this to register for your classes. Click here.

For additional help, contact ARCHS’ STL Educare:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call: 314-289-5638

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Funding for these trainings is provided by the Missouri Department of Social Services, Children's Division, Early Childhood and Prevention Services Section.