Celebrate with ARCHS on the huge success of the third open enrollment period for Missouri Marketplace Health Insurance! ARCHS appreciates the hard work and dedication of so many who helped us raise awareness. Thanks to ARCHS' grant from Missouri Foundation for Health, ARCHS distributed 25,000 educational brochures to community-based organizations and posted media stories reaching several thousand readers.

Nationally, 12.7 million consumers enrolled in health insurance through the Marketplace during this past open enrollment period, and in Missouri 290,201 people gained coverage. Those numbers represent real lives that have been improved through increased access to health care services - with more people gaining coverage this time than in any past open enrollment period.

Even though the hustle and bustle of the third open enrollment period has come to a close, there's more work ahead to lower Missouri's uninsured rate to less than 5 percent. Still need health insurance? The Special Enrollment Period provides a unique opportunity for individuals and their family to sign up for coverage in the Missouri Marketplace. Here are some of the qualifying life events:

• Getting married
• Birth or adoption of a baby
• Becoming a citizen
• Getting divorced
• Losing employer/job
• Permanent move
• Turning 26
• Losing Medicaid or CHIP

Please refer your organization's clients to these resources to get free in-person help, or to sign up:

www.covermissouri.org or call 1-800-466-3213