ARCHS' partnership with the Children's Trust Fund of Missouri (CTF) provided 1,200 books in February to more than 50 families in the St. Louis area. Families selected for book donations were part of ARCHS' Home Visitation Program, formerly known as the Stay at Home Parent Program).

The ARCHS' Home Visitation Program works to promote positive parent child interactions. To help achieve this, the book donations give the parent and child an opportunity to spend quality one-on-one time and is considered a best practice to help prepare children for school.

"Reading with children from birth helps children learn the sounds of language, stimulates their imagination, and introduces them to the world around them," said Amber Stevenson-Donnelly, ARCHS' Vice President of Grant Management Services.

The goal of the grant from the Children's Trust Fund is to promote programs across Missouri that help reduce the likelihood children will become the victims of abuse or neglect.

"For families in high-stress situations, reading can offer a break from the chaos around them as they take 15 minutes out of their day to pause and spend time with each other sharing pictures, sounds, stories, and adventures in books given to them from ARCHS," Stevenson-Donnelly said.