ARCHS Board of Directors
  Sherrie Wehner  
 Chair, Sherrie Wehner
  Wehner Marketing Group  
 Karen Aroesty Maggie Cole  Carlos Dunlap Beard 
Karen Aroesty Maggie Cole Carlos Dunlap Beard
St. Louis County Administration Continuous Improvement Consultant Clarus Commerce
 Clifford Franklin  William Hobson  Michael Jones
Clifford Franklin William H. Hobson Bishop Michael Jones
Fuse Advertising Summers Compton Wells Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church
 Donna King  Stephanie Lewis Charles Matthews 
Donna A. King Stephanie Lewis   Charles "Matt" Matthews
Missouri Dept. of Corrections St. Louis County Administration Acuity Eyecare Group
 John Parker  Joylynn Pruitt Adams  Robbie Robinson
John Parker Dr. Joylynn Pruitt-Adams   Lt. Colonel Ronnie Robinson
Evolution St. Louis Riverview Gardens School District St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
 Jacqueline Wellington    
Jacqueline Wellington    
Community & Economic Development Solutions